What is it?
Super Seconds Festival (formerly Super Seconds Saturday) is a bi-annual event where lots of independent makers from across the UK sell their seconds, misprints and older stock at significantly reduced prices.

When is it?
Starting from 10am on Saturday 1st April, through to Sunday 2nd April

How do I take part?
Pop back to on the weekend of 1st and 2nd April and buy some bargains! Some pieces are limited to get here as close to 10am on the 1st as you can! Fresh stock will be released at 10am on the 2nd too.

If you'd like to bookmark this page, a link will appear at 10am on 1st April to take you to the bargain jewellery!!

What can I buy?
I will have a few different bargains on offer, including seconds stud earrings, end of line sale items and zero waste jewellery pieces.

What is a second?
A second is a product that isn't quite perfect. For example I will be selling some stud earrings that have been slightly misprinted so the image isn't quite in the centre. These will be perfectly wearable and you might not even notice a product is a second.

What is end of line sale?
These will be items that are absolutely perfect, they're just being retired soon to make way for new designs. This will be your last chance to buy those items and they won't be made again.

What is zero waste jewellery?
Did you know I save every piece of plastic that comes out of my laser cutter? The pieces left can be fun shapes, that even include flowers and hearts and these are then made into items that become part of my zero waste jewellery collection. By buying these at super bargain prices, you can help me avoid sending any of my plastic acrylic waste to landfill and we can keep the world a happy place together.